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The Myth of The “Perfect Buyer”

There are a few phrases that you hear over and over when speaking with homeowners who are considering selling their house. One that I’ve heard a lot lately is the Seller who is looking for “the perfect buyer.”

When I first heard that phrase, I didn’t quite know what it meant. After hearing it repeated several times in different scenarios, I started to realize that it actually translates into multiple meanings.

So, what does it mean when a seller says, I’d like to find the perfect buyer for my house?

1) I’m not sure I really want to sell.
2) I’m too emotionally attached to this house to let it go to just anyone.
3) I want someone who loves the house so much, they’re willing to pay my unrealistic price.
4) I want someone to be able to overlook all its flaws.
5) I want to find someone who’s completely out of touch with fair market value.
6) I want someone who’s just as fanatical about the structural details/historical significance/material origins as I am.
7) I am not going to make this process easy on you.

Here’s the deal: The perfect buyer for your house is the person who likes it enough to WANT to buy it, and has access to the funds that will ALLOW them to do so.

That sounds pretty perfect to me, how ’bout you?

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