From Buyers, Dustin & Kaci M.

Mt Shasta Realtor Nikolas Allen celebrates a successful home sale with happy clients
Sellers, Dustin & Kaci celebrate a successful home sale with Mt. Shasta Realtor, Nikolas Allen.

“Nikolas was a blast to work with throughout this process! He was open, honest, knowledgeable and straightforward. He was always quick to respond and just a phone or text message away no matter what time, or day. He brings something new and fresh to the Realtor market. His marketing with social media, videos, pictures and shout-outs really make a difference and are relevant with the times. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone to sell their home, or if they are looking to buy a new home. His communication and expertise in guiding us along made this whole experience smooth and enjoyable.” —Dustin & Kaci M., Sellers

From Buyers, Linda & William S.

Mt Shasta Realtor Nikolas Allen celebrates with happy clients
Mt. Shasta Realtor, Nikolas Allen, celebrates another sale with happy homeowners, Linda & William.

“Perfection! Nikolas is the complete realtor. He helped us wade through our vision of what we wanted vs. what was available, then worked tirelessly to bring us home. From immediate text, telephone, and e-mail responses to scanning and copying for us to providing lender recommendations and finally multiple trade recommendations, Nikolas was hands-on, enthusiastic, extremely competent, and lots of fun. We are very happy with Nikolas and his recommendations, and now our new home. Thanks Nikolas!” —Linda & William S., Buyers

From Buyers, Chance & Tiffiny F.

Mt Shasta Realtor Nikolas Allen celebrates with happy land buyers, Chance & Tiffiny.
Happy Buyers, Chance & Tiffiny, celebrate their new land with Mt. Shasta Realtor, Nikolas Allen.

“We would highly recommend Mt. Shasta Realtor Nikolas Allen. He is easy going, but extremely thorough and professional. Our experience with buying land was about as easy as it can get, thanks to Nikolas. He kept us on track with all the timelines and always updated us regarding the next steps. Another plus is that he was always available for questions and very quick to respond to our emails, phone calls, etc.” —Chance & Tiffiny F., Buyers 

From Buyers, Greg T. & Sheila M.

mt shasta realtor nikolas allen closes sale as happy homebuyers sign escrow docs at mt shasta title
Happy homebuyers Sheila & Greg sign escrow docs at Mt. Shasta Title as Randi looks on.

“Nikolas Allen listened and understood what we were looking for. His timeliness gave us the opportunity to purchase a highly sought after property. His hard work and knowledge made it possible that we secured the home and property of our dreams. It was an unusually difficult transaction due to the perimeters of purchasing from a trust, but Nikolas was the right man for the job!” —Greg T. & Shiela M., Buyers

From Buyer Who Requested Anonymity

Mt Shasta, CA, Realtor Nikolas Allen celebrates with a satisfied client who purchased vacant land
Realtor, Nikolas Allen, christens the future site of his client’s dream home.

“Very high level of service! Went beyond the extra mile to help me with my purchase! Nikolas Allen worked tirelessly to bring my purchase to a very satisfactory close. What started off as a simple land purchase became complicated. I truly feel that Nikolas was a big part of the deal being successful.” —A Satisfied Buyer

From Sellers, Aline & Larry H.

Mt Shasta, CA, Realtor Nikolas Allen celebrates with sellers Aline, Larry, and dog, Bonnie
Realtor, Nikolas Allen, celebrates the sale of Aline and Larry’s Mt. Shasta home.

“We would definitely recommend Nikolas Allen—he is upbeat, listens, and is honest. We were trying to sell our home ourselves. Nikolas and his company, J. Harris & Associates Real Estate, were the ONLY Realtors in town that would show our home. We were really impressed with that.” —Larry & Aline H., Sellers

From Buyers, Eugene M. & Kristen B.

Nikolas Allen explains the Residential Purchase Agreement to Eugene.

“I found Nikolas Allen to be a hard, diligent worker who worked through some complex issues quickly and efficiently. My initial contact with real estate agents in the Mt. Shasta area was disappointing. Three Realtors never returned my phone calls and one who did made phone appointments twice that were not kept. Nikolas returned all my calls promptly, answered all my questions in detail and gave me advice that helped make the purchase of my home seamless. Nikolas is a Realtor that I would make my first choice. Plus he has a great sense of humor (a great asset for the Buyer, for sure).” —Eugene M., Buyer

“Nikolas Allen was the perfect real estate agent for us! He was very responsive, organized and efficient while he helped us find our new home in an area that we wanted to move to. He continually showed us great houses that matched what we were looking for and gave us the time and space to explore all the options available to us without any sales pressure at all which was very refreshing! He helped us weigh all the pros and cons of each house we were interested in which was invaluable to us. He has an in-depth knowledge of the area and was able to fill us in on any questions we had, and he took time to research anything we needed to know as well. Nikolas treated us with kindness and respect and he has a great sense of humor so the entire process was enjoyable and smooth. We are now living in our perfect dream home…thanks to Nikolas!!” —Kristen B., Buyer

From Buyer, Angelina T.

“Nikolas Allen brings to the table much more than just expertise and professionalism. Nikolas shows a genuine interest in his clients. We were very pleased with his, ‘I am here for you every step of the way’ attitude! He was a pleasure to work with, and not only do we recommend him, but will use him for future real estate transactions.” —Angelina T., Buyer