Adventures In Real Estate

The Myth of The “Perfect Buyer”

There are a few phrases that you hear over and over when speaking with homeowners who are considering selling their house. One that I’ve heard a lot lately is the Seller who is looking for “the perfect buyer.”

When I first heard that phrase, I didn’t quite know what it meant. After hearing it repeated several times in different scenarios, I started to realize that it actually translates into multiple meanings.

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Your Online Presence Speaks Volumes

Vetting Home Buyers on Facebook

We’ve all heard horror stories about how someone’s online activity has gotten them in trouble out in the real world. I personally know more than one person who has been fired from a job for ranting about their boss on Facebook.

There was a recent high-profile case of a Yelp! employee who was fired for writing a disparaging blog post about the company on Medium, and similar stories pop up in the news every week.

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Young homebuyers venturing into the great unknown.

Two Sellers Face The Great Unknown

I was at a listing appointment recently with a couple—let’s call them Ralph and Rita—who had built an adorable cabin in the woods. The solar-powered property was off the grid and also included a tiny guest cottage, workshop, and garage. It was clear that Ralph and Rita had put a lot of love, hard work, […]

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Emergency Room entrance

Emergency Room Realtor

The ink on my brand new Real Estate license was barely dry when I set out on my very first listing appointment. Since I was a newbie, I brought JZ, a Broker from my office, with me to make sure there was no oversight on my part.

The sellers were an adorable elderly couple—let’s call them Dottie and Frank—who were full of pep and personality, but were a little challenged when it came to deftly navigating steps, stairs and rough terrain.

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