Adventures In Real Estate

Two Realtors trying to get the same client

The Real Deal: 6 Insider Real Estate Tips

In the June issue of Men’s Health magazine, I came across an article that got me fired up. In a short article called “Realty Check,” an anonymous Broker offers the “real deal on real estate.” Some of the info was accurate, but many of the statements were off-base generalizations that hardly classify as the “real […]

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Choosing the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

There are over 40 real estate agents and brokers in Mt. Shasta within a six block radius. Not to mention another 40-plus up in North Siskiyou County. Needless to say, homeowners have a lot of Realtors to choose from when it comes time to sell their home. So, how do Sellers choose the right Realtor […]

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Female Realtor not feeling the vibe of her client

3 Good Reasons to Turn Down a Listing

Realtors are self-employed, which means they are responsible for generating every dollar that crosses their palms. They are out hustling every day to round up clients and close deals. Even when sales do occur, it can be weeks or months before the checks roll in. So, why on earth would I be writing a blog […]

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happy home seller in shower of money

5 Signs of a Seller’s Market

The Mt. Shasta real estate market got an early start this year with buying activity beginning in January, and rising to a fever pitch by March. As we enter April, which is when sales activity normally begins to pick up after a quiet winter, we’re faced with a notable disparity between supply and demand, leading […]

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House for Sale By Owner

Pros and Cons of Attempting a FSBO

When homeowners go to sell their house, they either hire a Realtor, or attempt a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), or what we call in the biz, a Fizzbo. Some might wonder why a homeowner would attempt a sale on their own, and the reasons vary. Some have had bad experiences with Realtors, while for […]

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4 Steps to Prepare for Homebuying Season

4 Steps to Prepare for Homebuying Season

When people are seeking houses for sale in Mt. Shasta, they typically wait until the snow is gone, which can be anytime between March and May. However, this year the market got a jumpstart with Buyers starting their search in January. Maybe all the news about rising mortgage rates has inspired them to get moving. […]

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Why Zillow Zestimates are Inaccurate

The Problem With Zillow Zestimates

Zillow is a great tool for home buyers. It allows people to research and shop for homes in any location, regardless of where they live. In fact, Zillow is responsible for delivering a respectable percentage of clients through our doors here at J. Harris & Associates Real Estate in Mt. Shasta, CA. One of Zillow’s […]

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Tom Brady celebrates Super Bowl LI victory

Records Are Meant to Be Broken

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What looked like a blowout for the first three quarters, turned into a thrilling display of effort and skill that drove the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. So, why am I writing about football on a real estate blog? Because watching this event got me thinking about how […]

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Writing a check for earnest money deposit

Earnest Money vs Down Payment, What’s the Diff?

When purchasing a house, new home buyers sometimes confuse the earnest money deposit with the down payment. So, what is the difference between an earnest money deposit and a down payment? Let’s take a look. Earnest Money Deposit The earnest money deposit (EMD) is to indicate to the Seller that you, the Buyer, is serious […]

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First-time homebuyers get the key to their new home

How Much Money Should You Save to Buy a House?

As a Realtor in Mt. Shasta, CA, I deal with this question all the time. The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but I’ve laid out an example scenario below that will get a first-time homebuyer moving in the right direction. Down-Payment Let’s say you want to buy a house for $200k. If you’re getting […]

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