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elderly couple downsizing on moving day

Downsizing Tips for Empty-Nesters

Guest Post by Mike Longsdon of The kids have long since flown the nest and all the space that once felt cramped now feels, well, empty. And while re-purposing the extra bedrooms was novel at first, you realize it’s simply more to clean – and to heat. Now you’re considering downsizing, but how do […]

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Two Realtors trying to get the same client

The Real Deal: 6 Insider Real Estate Tips

In the June issue of Men’s Health magazine, I came across an article that got me fired up. In a short article called “Realty Check,” an anonymous Broker offers the “real deal on real estate.” Some of the info was accurate, but many of the statements were off-base generalizations that hardly classify as the “real […]

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Choosing the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

There are over 40 real estate agents and brokers in Mt. Shasta within a six block radius. Not to mention another 40-plus up in North Siskiyou County. Needless to say, homeowners have a lot of Realtors to choose from when it comes time to sell their home. So, how do Sellers choose the right Realtor […]

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happy home seller in shower of money

5 Signs of a Seller’s Market

The Mt. Shasta real estate market got an early start this year with buying activity beginning in January, and rising to a fever pitch by March. As we enter April, which is when sales activity normally begins to pick up after a quiet winter, we’re faced with a notable disparity between supply and demand, leading […]

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House for Sale By Owner

Pros and Cons of Attempting a FSBO

When homeowners go to sell their house, they either hire a Realtor, or attempt a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), or what we call in the biz, a Fizzbo. Some might wonder why a homeowner would attempt a sale on their own, and the reasons vary. Some have had bad experiences with Realtors, while for […]

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Why Zillow Zestimates are Inaccurate

The Problem With Zillow Zestimates

Zillow is a great tool for home buyers. It allows people to research and shop for homes in any location, regardless of where they live. In fact, Zillow is responsible for delivering a respectable percentage of clients through our doors here at J. Harris & Associates Real Estate in Mt. Shasta, CA. One of Zillow’s […]

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best real estate blog for modern realtors

Top 5 Home Improvements to Boost Resale Value

As a Realtor, I’m often asked by homeowners what improvements will boost their resale value the most. Unfortunately, home upgrades rarely offer a dollar-for-dollar return, so homeowners need to be mindful of their remodel investments if they are hoping to maximize their return when it comes time to sell their house. Here are 5 of […]

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The Myth of The “Perfect Buyer”

There are a few phrases that you hear over and over when speaking with homeowners who are considering selling their house. One that I’ve heard a lot lately is the Seller who is looking for “the perfect buyer.”

When I first heard that phrase, I didn’t quite know what it meant. After hearing it repeated several times in different scenarios, I started to realize that it actually translates into multiple meanings.

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